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The three different types of BioThane®

There are three different types of Biothane® that I use. What's important to note is that they all have the same type of webbing, and the webbing is what gives the collar or lead its strength. The coating on the outside is what makes it waterproof, and this is of different thicknesses.

The main type I use is called 'standard'. Its approx 2mm thick and is great for the standard metal buckles. Most of my goods are made with standard BioThane®. It's available in a wide range of colours, and has a leather-like textured finish.

The second type is 'adjustable'. It's about 2mm thick and is much more flexible. It's great for collars with a plastic quick-release buckle. It's available in most colours and has a very smooth finish.

The third type is 'super-heavy'. It's about 3.8mm thick and is the only option available for the wider size (38mm) of BioThane®. It's available in a limited range of colours and also has the leather-like finish.

Three types of BioThane. Standard, Adjustable and Super Heavy
From top: Standard, Adjustable and Super Heavy.

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