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Be the most stylish human/pooch combo at the park with the full Monty Cork Leather Collection.


This collection is handmade in Melbourne, and includes the Monty collar, the Monty lead and the Monty poo bag pouch, all made from sustainable cork leather.


This collar features a side release buckle, with metal adjustment slide and ring. The webbing is specifically designed for dog collars, and has a soft, padded feel. The webbing is faced with vibrant red cork leather. 


The lead features a wide-opening clip which makes it easy to get your dog on and off the lead. The webbing is specifically designed for dog leads, and has a soft, padded feel making it comfortable in the hand. The lead is 20mm wide, and is 120cm long and the handle faced with vibrant red cork leather.


The pouch is designed to be attached to the lead handle when your pooch is on-lead, then when it's playtime it also attaches to the lead clip. This creates a loop which you can wear over one shoulder and across your body like a sash, therefore keeping your hands free. The pouch is 18 x 23cm, is fully lined and padded with the outer made of vibrant red cork leather. As well as your spare poo bags it's ideal to hold keys, money or cards.


Bought individually, these items would cost $130.

Monty Cork Leather Collection


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