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collars and leads

Two personalised BioThane dog collars. One is teal with a pink nameplate, the other pink with a teal nameplate.

Waterproof collars and leads

Our BioThane® collars and leads are the ultimate combination of durability, style and comfort.


BioThane® is waterproof, stink-proof and is incredibly easy to clean. Our collars and leads are available in a range of colours and styles to suit every pup's personality.

Goodest Girl 1.jpg


Unleash your pup's style with our range of doggy bandanas.


Our collection features AFL team bandanas alongside a range with adorable sayings for the Goodest Girls and Bestest Boys. Reversible and easy to care for, your pup will generate plenty of compliments and tail wags in the park.

A snuffle mat made with red, grey and blue fabric.

Snuffle Mats

Turn mealtime into an adventure with our snuffle mats!


These mats offer a rewarding dining experience by engaging your pet's natural foraging instincts. Simply scatter their favourite treats or kibble within the mat and watch as they joyfully snuffle and search for each delicious morsel.

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