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Give your dog some freedom while keeping them safe with our vibrant and robust BioThane® Long Line leads. These leads are ideal for training your pup with recall or for dogs who can't quite be trusted off-lead.


BioThane® is a coated webbing which is soft, flexible and strong. It is waterproof, odor-resistant, and incredibly easy to clean and maintain. You can let this drag along the wet and muddy ground, or go for a swim down the beach, and a simple rinse and wipe dry is all it needs to maintain its good looks.


Safety is paramount, and that's why this lead features a sturdy, rust-resistant clip with a wide opening, making it quick and easy to get your dog on and off lead. So they can easily drag along the ground, these leads don't have a handle but you can choose to incorporate a handle if you prefer. All rivets are stainless steel making them super strong and corrosion resistant, even in the salt water.


Handmade in Melbourne, this lead is 13mm wide and available in a wide range of vibrant colours, in 3, 5 or 10m lengths. Get in touch if you would prefer a different length.


Biothane® long line leads currently have a 1 week lead time.


If you would prefer a more economical long line, check out our polyester webbing range.

BioThane® Long Line Lead


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